Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Foot Doctor

On several occasions, I brought Nanny to the Podiatrist to get her nails clipped. The office was in one of those medical complexes. It doesn't matter where you park, you're walking "down the stairs and around the corner". 

Sitting in the office with Nan one day, she was telling me a story about her childhood. I wish I could remember details, but I did snap some photos as she was talking. She spoke with passion and nostalgia. It was beautiful. 

After Nan's "pedi", she was talking to the receptionist up front. She mentions my brother out of the blue. I comment that he is the favorite, always has been. 

Nan nodded, "Yeah, you could say he's my favorite." 

It was common knowledge in our family that my brother was Nanny's favorite grandkid. My cousins used to get in trouble for stuff I could almost guarantee my brother had done. This was the first time I had heard Nan admit it out loud though. I was stunned! 

The receptionist laughed. "Well, what about the young lady beside you? She should be a favorite for bringing you here today." 

Nan shrugged and tapped me with her cane. "Yeah, she's alright." 

We all cracked up. 

I miss her.